Website, App, or Web app?

Do you know the differences? Which one should you get?

We explore the similarities and differences of all three, their pros and cons, and help you choose one for your business.

Every way to make a website in 2022

If you’re getting a website or making them, knowing all the ways to make them is very helpful

We discuss what the various methods are, the pros and cons of each, and what each one is best for. We cover simple site builders, CMSs, JavaScript frameworks, and all the rest.

What is a Website?

We explore what websites are made of, and why they exist.

In this article, we learn what websites are in very simple words, and how we use them. Then we learn why businesses make them in the first place, and we get a bit of technical understanding on how they work.

Should you redesign your website?

How to know if your website is still good enough, or what you should focus on instead

We discuss when it's a good time to invest in redesigning your website, and when it's not. If it is, we give tips on how much it should cost, and if it isn't, we suggest things to focus on instead.

Webflow vs Shopify

An in depth comparison of two of the simplest and best ways to make a site with ecommerce

We compare Webflow and Shopify in several ways, such as what are they, which ecommerce features they have, which other site-building features they have, who can use them, and how much they cost.